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Posted on: May 24, 2013

I dare to blog and run a business with hubby. Crazy I know to think I would dare. One thing about running your own business is that some people think you can set your own hours. Okay, maybe some of the time, but not all the time. It pretty well consumed me this week. Hubby here, not here, here, not here..okay okay

So all my predictable schedule goes out the window at times like that. You know, I think that is why I love the guy. My predictable schedule might be well boring just predictable. I told the girls in my workshop this month that living with my husband is like living with a wild man. When we first got married, he would come home and tell me that we were going on vacation the next day. Of course, not a few hours away but out of state or out of country. What? People don’t do that all the time. I thought people planned for months and months.

Of course, I didn’t have time to label my outfits for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and put each outfit in a clear bag complete with shoes, matching jewelry and handbag. Wild I am telling you to buy clothes unplanned and on the road trip. The longer I am married to the guy the more I like these *unplanned* stops and clothes buying trips vacations and different schedule.

Another benefit as I was in and out of the office this week was I got to put some final touches on my fall units. I never feel like I am finished when I create printables as I always have ideas that are simmering blazing in my head. I had some free vintage clip art from this old book A is for Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway.

All the letters of the alphabet, except I, are in color and just precious. It is a rhyme about apple pie. On a side note it was interesting to read from this site, Surf Net Kids that the original “A Apple Pie” rhyme is very old and reference is made to it as early as 1671. In those years, the letters I and J were not differentiated. The letter J as we know it, was simply the curved initial form of the letter I used before a vowel.

So guess what? I just had to make a set of printables for your PreK sweeties using all of that precious clip art. It has been a while since I created anything for the little sweeties. I made a rhyme for the letter *Ii* too. This download is a 26 page download. One page per letter.

Download the 26 pages here.

Then as I sat in my office doing work and taking breaks, I contemplated the last printables we needed to finished up our unit study on apples. We did some more reading on John Chapman or Johnny Appleseed. I still had the sizzles for more printables, so I made these next.

Download John Chapman Notebooking Page 1 here.

Download John Chapman Notebooking Page 2 here.

Download 2 Apple Life Cycle pages here.

There are 4 pages in all. Two of the pages are notebooking pages and two sheets are on the apple life cycle. Two of the pages are intended for a little older child to write about John Chapman. The apple life cycle pages are the same except for one thing. One page has the words if you have a child that doesn’t want to write and the other one provides a place for them to write in each word for each step. Then color.

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough, I was determined to finish up two more pages that I had on my list to create for my older guys about Sir Isaac Newton. Really, you could use these pages for any ages.

Download page about Sir Isaac Newton Childhood, Education and Achievements here.

Download page about Newton’s Laws here.

I like these pages because with all the writing that my high school guys do, it is nice to have something that doesn’t have to be so comprehensive to fill out all the time. I figured if they want to write an essay, whip out the laptop and do one and we do. Otherwise, writing in a few facts to highlight the achievements of Sir Isaac Newton is good enough to go with our unit study on apples.

Looking back on my week, I didn’t get to blog as much I had planned but I think I still got a lot done because the fall printables for the most part are done.

I had planned to do the Home Management Binder too this month, but it can wait. I still have printables for it. Too, now that I blog, I don’t have to make you wait until I put the curriculum planner printables on my site. I can create and share with you as I update and revise.

Sometimes I think I need to change the name of my blog to “As she gets a wild hair……”

I hope you can use these printables in your school.

We also started our unit on the FBI. It is turning out bigger than I originally planned as my sons are really into this time period right now.

I am not sure if this unit will be done before I break from my blog for the winter break but I am going to try to share it with you. It really depends on how long the kids want to stay on it. They found a couple of books they liked. One of the books I was kind of surprised to find because it is a graphic biography. I like graphic novels but to find one that is nonfiction is kind of insane. But we did. Who said to give up pictures when you read?


The other book The Life of J. Edgar Hoover Secrecy and Power is way more comprehensive but the graphic novel has a rapid fire of points style that we like too. I think the graphic novel probably couldn’t stand “alone” if it was the only resource we used.

I am hoping for a slower week but it has to be this cool fall weather that is bringing out the work for us. No complaints here. I only complain when I can’t scoot here to share with you.

Hope you heart the printables.

Hugs and you know I love ya,


From Apples to Physics + Apple Lapbook

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{First I wanted to say our blog host is having quirky techy problems here and there after the upgrade.  Some of you using Google Chrome are not seeing my pictures. Our hosts are still working on ironing out the problems. In the meantime, please try to use another browser like Mozilla to see if it helps and I want to say I am so sorry. I take so much time to be sure to share pictures with you and I would like for you to get them.}

The sniffles and coughing hit our house early this year. All of us have been feeling a little blah but I think that is a great time to study something light and fun. Too, I have not covered the subject of apples with my youngest one like I did with my older boys. However, because a kajillion printables exists for PreK and K, I wanted a lapbook geared toward a slightly older child but still light and fun. Hoping for some more fall-ish weather, I decided we would study apples lest our education be lacking in this area.

By the way before I forget, I have a secret I have been keeping from you as to what I have been doing these past few weeks. It is the reason we are schooling at our breakfast table and not our school area. My school area table is full of stuff.

I will have to share pictures with you soon as to what has also been consuming my time these past weeks and what I have laid out all over my school area table.

Tiny with his housecoat on wasn’t exactly thrilled with school because he still isn’t feeling a hundred percent better. But knowing he can keep his housecoat on helps some and I trek forward on an easy unit. Or is it?

Tiny perked up a bit when the other two boys joined us. They are such good sports and not put off by this subject of apples.  In a unit study with kids of multiple ages you start off talking about easier subjects or facts for the aid of the youngest one. It doesn’t hurt the older ones to hear this information either. It serves as a review and a reminder. My middle son had forgotten the names of the parts of a flower. I forget them too sometimes if I don’t review them occasionally.

Better yet, get the older kids to read the information out of a science reference book.  We have a lot of the Usborne science books along with science dictionaries that we keep at the house. However, how do you go from talking about an apple to applying it to an older child? Well, you go from apples to physics. The way I tied in the apple for the older boys was to talk about physics. Isaac Newton and his falling apple helps you to do this.


The topic of apples was certainly not a subject too easy for him. He pondered why apples felldown when they fell. The quiet time he had as a boy or to just learn helped him to reflect on his thinking. It is no different when doing a unit study which is another reason we lap them up. We have time to ponder at our pace. Time to ponder why the apple fell down gave way to Newton discovering the universal law of gravitation. Whatever part of this story of the apple falling that may be embellished, there is no denying he had a remarkable way of reasoning. Everything about him my sons find remarkable.

Newton’s 3 laws of Motion can just be explained to the youngest child. With the older kids, they can demonstrate the Law of Inertia.

Also they can share what they learned in their reading.

Give both kids a chance to share what they know. I just guided this discussion as my older two shared what they knew so far. Tiny was starting to feel bad again but as long as he is read, he still likes to be involved. Just keep it easy for the ones that don’t feel good. Also on this same topic we reviewed the simple machines like inclined plane, lever, pulley, screw, wheel, and wedge.  Any physical science of topic blends with this unit study. That is what we read about.

Of course, Mr. Awesome is always wanting to do a hands-on project or two. It doesn’t really matter if it’s directly related to apples or a subtopic of it. It all helps to add to the enriching process of learning when they can do something they like and want to do. One book I really like

and I feel has some topics that span a little older child than the review says is Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids. My Awesome decided to do  a water clock.

This is my crazy fun loving kid who brings so much delight each day and who thrives on hands-on activities. It took him just a few minutes to gather the supplies for his hands on activity of a water clock.  He cleaned up a Pace Picante jar that was just about empty, grabbed a stop watch book marker he had tucked away in his room, a paper cup, a push pin, ruler and sharpie and was ready.

He marked each 5 minute increment on his water clock and otherwise enjoyed sharing his hands-on activity.

Hands-on activities do not have to be hard just full of meaning for the topic you are studying. Get your children to search the project and gather their supplies. Going from apples to physics is a natural flow to this unit study. When I upload the free apple lapbook to my site,  I will share some more links and ideas for the other subjects along with some notebooking sheets for the older kids. Would you like the free apple lapbook now?

Download the minibooks below.

Johnny Appleseed download here.

Isaac Newton and his falling apple download here

Parts of the flower, Who said it was an apple and What kind of tree is the apple tree download here

Art with Apples download here

Proverbs 25:11 and An Apple a Day download here

Cultivating, Harvesting and Storing Apples download here

I need to get Tiny feeling better and still have my organizational topics coming up soon. I hope this lapbook, which will go on my fall unit page on Dynamic 2 Moms soon, will bring in some more fall weather. I can wish here in Texas can’t I?

You know I heart quotes and this one is so beautiful about the apple tree. It is such a beautiful creation and enjoyable topic to study about, not only for precious little ones, but for our older kids.


“The flowers of the apple are perhaps the most beautiful of any tree’s, so copious and so delicious to both sight and scent.” —

~Henry David Thoreau~ Wild Apples

Hugs and you know I love ya,


Review of Runkle’s World Physical Geography {free geography printables}

 Posted by Dynamic 2 Moms Homeschooling Adventures on February 21, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (8)

My voice gets hoarse this time of the year because I encourage our New Beginnings members to move away from the dark side of textbooks and step into the light of beautiful literature. However, I digress when it comes to the World Physical Geography textbook by Brenda Brewer Runkle.

Though it is more expensive than some of the other geography resources, we absolutely love it.  I figure my costs this way. Since I am using it for three children, I take the price and divide by 3. {even if you pay GeoMatters price of $68.00 that is $26.00 per child per year BUT you have a resource you can use again for another year or more for two or more children.}

It is for grades 7th  – 12th,  but I find a lot of facts that can be easily explained to my 5th grader.

One reason I chose Runkle Geography is because I am targeting my older children. But I wanted a text I could keep for a few years too.

Don’t you like it when you can look inside a book? Here is one pic. Each page is different but it has several different  teaching boxes like this throughout the book. This series also has a student workbook that we will be getting soon. I didn’t get the student workbook because I really don’t need help like that anymore. Now, I am curious about what the student workbook has in it since we like this book so much.

At times some Teacher’s Manuals seem completely useless but I like this one. Besides having all the answers to the review questions, it has the vocabulary definition, answers to each lesson, and not only test answers BUT questions. It is even tempting to not buy the student workbook because in a pinch you could just use the questions/answers from the teacher’s manual. But I love curriculum so I’m getting the student workbook.

This is what I like about it most:

  • Full of hands on activities. {yep lots of them}
  • The fun facts, critical thinking and teaching boxes allows my older sons to move on to more complicated topics if they choose.
  • Key vocabulary words are in the margin as you use them in the text.
  • The pictures and oodles of maps are so colorful and beautiful.
  • I buy two teacher’s manuals, one for me and one for my older set of boys since it’s useful.
  • The quality of the text is superior.

It is 263 pages plus a Glossary and has 13 chapters Do you want the chapter titles? I always do.

Ch. 1 Our planet Earth {4 Lessons}

Ch. 2 Maps and their use {3 lessons}

Ch. 3 Latitude and Climate {3 lessons}

Ch. 4 Prime Time Longitude {3 lessons}

Ch. 5 Journey to the Center of the Earth – The Lithosphere { 2 lessons}

Ch. 6 Mountain Building {3 lessons}

Ch. 7 The Hydrosphere {3 lessons}

Ch. 8 The Importance of Water {3 lessons}

Ch. 9 Waterways and Trade {4 lessons}

Ch. 10 Roles of Rivers {2 lessons}

Ch. 11 Rivers of Ice {2 lessons}

Ch. 12 The Atmosphere {5 lessons}

Ch. 13 The Biosphere {4 lessons}

Do you know your butte from your isthmus? At the very front of the text it has physical land form pictures with their names as a reference. So I created these land form fact cards that helps any age be able to memorize the physical landforms.

Print them, fold in half and laminate.  I put mine on an O ring for storing or taking with us.

Download geography fact cards here.

We can’t get enough of geography with this text and I know we will be expanding on some of the topics. Do you have a favorite geography resource?

Hugs today.

My Free Coral Reef Lapbook;Workshop starts tonight!:Free Copy of the Constitution; Free Middle School Science Book; Free Coral Reef Poster

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Okay so don’t forget everything I told you about how long I put together a unit or lapbook, I do like to take months. This one was made over the weekend but it doesn’t count  *officially* because it is a *subtopic* of the Ocean Unit that we are

 Want to check out one minibook from the unit? Go here and download a book. (remember this is not on the site either. As  I mentioned before and because some of ya’ll are still getting use to the way I function, I work on both websites in intervals always packing things away on it and then reveal the page.)



We are actually taking a class this week on Coral Reefs and since it’s tied in with a field trip, the boys decided that would make a good easy lapbook. (I like things easy). Since we do write each week (writing based on what we are learning so its more pertinent and interesting) and do composition, we like our lapbooks to always be fresh and light.

So this doesn’t really count…as a full unit..just 1/2 of one doesn’t it?….lol….

As I blogged before, I really do like to spend months ahead of time to prepare bigger units like for our co-ops. Too, it’s easier to prepare units when there is an abundance of free material on line like this one on the Coral Reef.

When will I turn on the page and upload the lapbook? You’ll be the first to know..I hope you like my pace, it is the way my brain works..

I have to have several projects going and mull them over and then release slowly..So I have some more forms for the Curriculum Planner (remember I am in a “test mode”) . I am using a 3 ring binder (yuk) so I can add to it as necessary until I get through at least one term and see what my needs will be .

I have the Timeline that I have completed but again, mulling over the layout of the pages to see if this will work for us.. And yes working on the new unit for this year’s co-op and doing subtopics on the Ocean unit as my boys decide.

Managing several things is very comforting to me.

Also though tonight is my workshop for our 2011-2012 workshops. So my dear New Bees are first and when I regain consciousness, I will release the new lapbookt.. hee hee I promise it won’t be long.

Please think about Kelley and me tonight. We’ll share pictures too.

TIME SENSITIVE FREEBIES – hurry hurry freebies


Hillsdale College is offering a FREE copy of the U.S. Constitution. This offer is available to the U.S. and Canada, while supplies last.

This link is not playing nice, so here is the whole thing instead of hyperlink:


Amazon is offering a FREE download of the ebook Escape from the World Trade Center by Leslie Haskin.  (true account)

Click here to go there.


Free Everything College Survival Book

Remember – Because Amazon changes the price  frequently it should always be 0.00.

Click here to go there.


Gold Medal is offering a FREE Whole Wheat Baking eBook. The book contains recipes for berry crisp, pancakes, Snickerdoodle cookies and pizza crust. This offer is available internationally, for a limited time

Click here to go there. Click save at the top to get the download


Free earbuds, follow this procedure:

1.) Add the item to your cart

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3.) You will need to login or register.

4.) Under Payment information, select -PayPal_ (Did not ask for PayPal info)

5.) Continue through the checkout process

6.) Shipping is FREE and No credit card required

New 3.5mm Earbud Earphone for iPad iPhone MP3 MP4 Player-Black

Click here to go there.

 FREEBIES  – when you have time freebies


Free Science Book

 A science teacher just uploaded a book that he is writing to share for free in the public domain. In addition he has some other tools and resources he finds useful on the net that he uses in his classroom here on his site.

Here is what he has so far in the books and more to come:

Matter and Atoms

Matter and Changes

Water – Properties and Solutions

Chemical Reactions


Air Pollution

Air Pressure

Air Layers

Heating Earth’s Air

Water and Precipitation


Weather Prediction and Storms

 More to come…

Click here to go there.


Free Habitat Posters

Ya’ll know another reason I am sharing these links I have for free curriculum/things is to organize them here on my blog. So I always enjoying sharing a few each time. I don’t like tons of links thrown to me at one time but a few each day so I can organize them. So here is one for you that I have marked.

It is free habitat posters and actually the one on coral reef above makes a great picture for the outside of your lapbook or a divider in your notebook. I will actually have some covers for the coral reef lapbook but you have choices when you can download for free things like this.

There are actually 6 BEAUTIFUL COLOR grab them all.

Click here to go there.

 And finally, I know not all my readers are New Bees but whether you are or not, let go of last year and the guilt if your well meaning plans failed and remember —


Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

~ Raymond Lindquist~


More Planner Forms Uploaded, Free Ocean Curriculum, Free PF Changs Lettuce Wraps

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I don’t know what is wrong with me this time of the year…lol..but Kelley tells me that I go on “binges” and start “creating” new forms and units.

Guess what I did some more?  And because you are following me you will always be some of the first to know.  I have a big history unit coming up soon that will go on our Dynamic 2 Mom’s site. I will let you know when that is coming too!




But what I finished this past week was two more Curriculum Covers that are part of the “Keeper Series” meaning we will keep these on our New Beginnings site since they are not dated.




You can download those covers on this page in case you get a head rush and need to run right over there and do that :o) 






Also I uploaded the rest of the forms for year around schooling. I have two options for following year around scheduling. One is to use as you somewhat following the school schedule so my forms are from July to Jun (top row above) and the other form is for following a physical year calendar (bottom row above).


If you need to download those forms above to finish printing your planner, click to go there now.




I have followed both schedules in my school and I do have to say I enjoy slightly more following the physical year.




I think I enjoy following it because while everybody else is doing ‘back to school”  plans we have already been in a routine. To be able to stop and close your year when the weather is changing to cooler is also a good time for us to slow down and enjoy being outside more. It is nice to have a break toward the end of the year.




I still hit all the good sales on school supplies during this month and August . But also a plus for me  buying school supplies at that time is that we are in the “middle” of our year so if a project comes up, we have that time to see what neat notebooks/paper/new items are out that we may need for upcoming work.





I hope to be starting an ocean unit soon. We have done one when the kids were real young, but I think it’s time for another one. For my unit studies, I always start wayyyyyy out early “hunting” some of the better free things online. What do I mean by wayyyy out ? I mean as much as months before I start putting my material together and then a little longer before I present it to them.




If I am not familiar with a subject then I can’t expect my kids to be. So I start early educating myself about the topic and try to anticipate some of their interests so  I can cover that through notebooking or lapbooking.




I like both of these sites especially because they have curriculum guides and the one site even has a “teacher answer key” thank you very much.




Check ’em out. This one is National Marine Sanctuaries.


Click on the Teacher’s Section to get free guides AND then the Student’s Section to get more free downloads and games.

Be sure to click all around that site and look under Free Material then Materials and Publications too as it has some more downloads on animal matching from Hawaii


And don’t just think Ocean Study is for younger kids…I have an older guy too that likes to still join us, especially when we do unit studies.

This site has a Free Curriculum for grades 6 – 12 —AND AND —–you can create a DVD off their site to use with your curriculum. I haven’t had time to create it, but will be soon as it takes me a while when it comes to “techy things” as I uhmmmm should I say “don’t like them” but yes I can figure them out….just not my favorite thing in the world to sit down and burn a CD but it really doesn’t take that long. But then again I have a couple of  teens so I see a project for them.

You can download this curriculum in parts and then use the DVD to help you with it.  Also this site is the one where it has Student Handouts with some of the downloads and the Teacher’s Keys.

Okay, need I go on. …lol…..I LOVE this site if you want “practical” things to actually teach with…


Here is what they said about the DVD

“Download the Field Season DVD

Now you can take highlights of our ocean exploration missions with you. Below are instructions for creating a copy of our 2008 Field Season DVD.

Each Field Season DVD contains essays, daily logs, photos and videos from that year and previous years’ missions. Best of all, it’s free and can be used without an Internet connection.”

All the instructions for either a PC or Mac are on this page.



How about one more very important freebie? lol…This next one is “time sensitive”.





This is from PF Changs (yum yum,one of my favorite places) and  this is from their facebook page. FREE Lettuce Wraps on July 6.

(Mark your reminder, I put my reminders on my Google Calendar instead of my phone because it goes to my phone and PC that way).



From the site:  “PFC Fans, how do FREE Lettuce Wraps sound to you? As a part of our 18-year anniversary celebration in July, we are going to be giving you, our Facebook Fans, FREE Orders of Lettuce Wraps. Check back July 6 to download yours…”


This is the only link I have now, be sure to check their Wall too if you can’t find it that day….

And I want to share one of my favorite pictures of my youngest guy. As usual I am organizing something on the table, he was eating his peanut butter and jelly and he was suppose to entertain himself..He came back with this “get up”….

I couldn’t figure out if he was ready for a vacation or a gun fight

Hugs to you,

Free Spelling Dnloads from Connect the Thoughts (3 Days only-Starts today), Free 150 Summer Activities (BEST Nature Site), 6th Grade -Free Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar.

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Nature Detectives

Okay…here is a site that I used “year after year” The downloading and the activities wil keep you for a longgg time….They have a free download..




Connect the Thoughts

This is a time sensitive freebie from Connect the Thoughts. Here is what their email said:

“We have a once-a-year offer, available for three days only!”

Wed. June 29 12:01 a.m – Fri. July 1, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

For three days only, from Wednesday, June 29 – late Friday, July 1, Connect the Thoughts popular FREE spelling courses will be available for download! This is the first time they will have been made available in many months! Over 20,000 of these spelling courses have been downloaded and used by people interested in our courses and methods for homeschooling. We’ll provide you links to download your free spelling course in the next piece we send, on June 28. There are three levels of Free spelling, ages 5-6 and pre-literate students (Starter); ages 7-8 and students who are developing literacy (Elementary); and for ages 9-adult (Lower and Upper School). Ours is a spelling system that can be used in conjunction with any and all other spelling programs to improve results, and which does not rely on phonics.





I have several freebies coming up for each grade level. If you need one now, give me a shout…otherwise I am going to cover several grades…Starting with this 6th grade as it always seems easier to find resources for the younger grades.



Sending you a favorite quote:

“Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.”

~ Jim Rohn~



Storage on my school table top, Free World Book World of Animals iPad App (good 6.18 to 7.10), Free Earth Science Paper Models, 4 Free Cookbooks from different countries

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In the school area that we use for our lapbooks and projects I recently switched what we kept our “table tools” in. One reason I had to wait to switch to now is that in the spring and summer you get more of an assortment of “plant holders” lol. These are ceramic plant holders that have “insides” or inserts that come out. So I switched around the inserts and put the white  insert on the purple plant holder on the right and the purple insert on the green plant holder  on the left, The white plant holder has the green insert in it. This makes them “all matching”. My compelling need to have things organized and matching…maybe one day I will get cured.

When the kids were real young, I use plastic buckets from Target, Walmart and even building supply places to hold crayons and crafts. Also have you seen the gardening totes? Put away the yard tools for using later but they are PERFECT for holding crafts and you can put them UP and away from small hands.

I use to have hooks over the doors and bring down each kid’s tote to keep it away from “the mini-destructor” who was toddling at the time.

You can get ones decorated or get a canvas one and decorate with your kid’s hands by using paint or let them decorate each tote so it makes it special and unique.

Think outside of the box on organizational tools and you won’t have to pay such a high price because you used something “outside the box’  for organization.  These types of things go on sale after summer… Look at these totes that can be used to store crafts.





This freebie is  World Book’s World of Animals iPad App

From the site: Available FREE in the Apple iTunes Store June 16-July 10!

Do you know which animals can detach their limbs to escape a predator’s attack, which species have been launched into space, and the identity of the extinct mammal that scientists believe they may one day be able to clone and bring back to life? Delve into the fascinating World of Animals — World Book’s extraordinary educational app that gives kids of all ages engaging opportunities to explore, compare, rank, and quiz themselves on their favorite animals. This interactive app features hundreds of stunning pictures, videos and animal sounds, quick facts, encyclopedia articles, a captivating educational game, and more.

World Book’s World of Animals iPad App is available for FREE in the Apple iTunes Store from June 16 thru July 10. On July 11, World Book will introduce a paid version of the app to the Apple iTunes Store.




This next site is called GEOBLOX and I am telling you when it comes to finding paper models of anything earth science and that is free, it is hard to come by. He sells a book but have many models that are free to download. Check it out.


This next picture I just adore and had to share. It is by Jean Van’t Hul and she blogs at the Artful Parent.

She has some great tips about summer activities  including this one called sun catchers. Check it out, it is called 11 Artful Activities to Try this Summer .



Amazon is offering 4 Free Amazing Cookbooks. The topics sound like something  that goes with a good unit study for studying various countries because the cookbooks are from different countries. By the way the time varies on how long they stay free…so grab them as they may not be “forever freebies”

Aprovecho: A Mexican-American Border Cookbook

Brazil: A Culinary Journey

■Hungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks

■Taste of Romania: Its Cookery and Glimpses of Its History, Folklore, Art, Literature, and Poetry

Too, even if you don’t have a kindle you can still download these free to your computer by using the free app made available through Amazon. Click here to go there and install it and then grab your freebies. It’s pretty quick and easy to do..just prompt along.


And finally, what kind of day are you having?

From Todd Wilson



Free EBook:Science for Toddlers/Babies, Free Insect Guides (cool), Free Magazine for Teens, Free Printables for Kung Fu Panda :o)

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Welcome to my newer blog followers! Glad to have you here. I am sharing encouraging articles about all kinds of homeschooling topics and also the how-to’s of homeschooling. Too, I love freebies and I hope you like ’em too—it’s nice to have those along the way in our journey–so I throw those in as well.

Here are some freebies today for ya’!

Get a free issue of Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine!

After you fill it out you get a download link OR you can request a hard copy. I have never seen this magazine so be sure to look it over since it’s written by “teens” Just wanted to be sure to give you the heads up about that.

From the site: Receive one issue of Teen Ink’s print magazine completely free! Teen Ink is written entirely by teens and distributed to thousands of schools nationwide. Any student can submit creative writing, art and photography at no charge. Since 1989 we have published more than 25,000 student works.



Next something really educational here …LOL….Free Kung Fu Panda Printables.

This is really cute.  It includes masks, dot to dot, spy games,etc.




A free ebook from Science at home. A site for science for babies, toddlers and kids




This next freebie came from Click Schooling and WOW! This website is from Save Nature and it’s about insects. It has downloadable learning sheets, “Insect Activity Sheets” and “Insect Fact Sheets”

Look at this partial list from the site.

“Below are free learning guides to jump-start your nature discovery!

Exploring Rainforests

Exploring Coral Reefs

Coral Reef Nature Notes

Coral Reef Coloring Sheet

Hummingbird Food Plants for Bay Area Landscapes

Que es un Artropoda

The Importance of Insects and Their Arthropod Relatives

Insect Activity Sheets

Insect Coloring Sheet

Ecosystems & Insects Lab

Classifying Arthropods

Bugs in the System Recipes

Backyard Biodiversity

Federally Endangered and Threatened Species of Arthropods

Insect Safari/Bilingual English/Spanish

Common Bay Area Butterflies and their foodplants ”




Free Science Units

 Posted by Dynamic 2 Moms Homeschooling Adventures on April 25, 2011 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The site, run by science professor and former middle school science teacher Irene Salter, offers 4-6 week science units, complete with specific lesson plans, activities and printouts. In addition, ideas are offered individually for classroom activities, labs and projects, field trip ideas, assessments, computer activities, outdoor activities and more.


Minnesota Conservation Site has Lesson Plans and A Free Nature Magazine :o)

 Posted by Dynamic 2 Moms Homeschooling Adventures on April 21, 2011 at 3:54 PM Comments comments (0)

This is another one of those where do  I begin with this site :o) There is so much fun and free stuff. First the lesson plans you can find here.


This link on the site is to the plants:


This link is to the other topics from insects, amphibians, mammals and seasons and systems:


I personally like this link on their site. It is a colorful interactive page about bird songs


And THEN you can order a FREE Nature Magazine, here is that link:


~Tina~source :


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