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Cottage Style Garden

I have always dreamed of having a cottage style garden, so when we bought a house I decided to plant an herb garden and planned a traditional cottage style garden.The following flowers both annuals and perennials have been my favorite to grow, not only because they are easy to grow in Colorado and specifically Colorado Springs but the flowers look beautiful together. Unless noted otherwise all of these cottagegarden flower photos in this lens are my original photos taken over the years in my beautiful cottage style garden. Need help creating a picture perfect cottage garden? Updated: 11.1.12
Multi-colored dahlias look beautiful in a cottage garden

The English Flower Garden

The Cottage Garden

Much of my garden is inspired by the English Flower Garden. I believe a cottage style garden should include: old fashioned flowers that are highly scented, cutting gardens, an herb garden, a look of abundance, trellises, fences and natural garden elements. I also like bird houses, wind chimes and bird baths interspersed with unique up cycled garden art. Many gardeners like to accessorize their English flower garden with fairy garden accessories, lanterns, natural garden paths and other old fashioned elements. It helps to make a rough sketch of what you want your cottage garden to contain and then build upon your plan every year. Need landscaping ideas?

Photos of Cottage Flowers

One of the reasons I grow flowers is so I can photograph my cottage flowers. My Favorite Camera for Garden Photography! Canon Powershot S100 12.1 Mp Digital Camera With 5x Wide-angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (black) Just click on my photo of double ruffled cosmos to check out my camera!

Did you know? Random Facts about cottage gardens!

The beauty of English Cottage Gardens

The cottage garden originated in England. The cottage garden includes a mix of edibles (try chamomile, calendula and herbs) and flowers grown for simplicity and beauty (daisies, alyssum, violets, pinks, climbing roses). Topiaries, herb gardens and sun-dials are commonly found in cottage gardens. Ornamental fruit trees and nut trees add another layer of beauty and function to a cottage garden.

The peony flower

The Peony flower is one of the most romantic flowers in the English cottage garden. Because of this many people choose the peony for their floral wedding invitations. Soft and fragrant with large overblown petals it is a pleasure watching the peony flower bloom every year in the garden. Pink Peonies Pink Peonies Buy This at


Bright colors, fluted petals, double ruffled petals these are just three reasons why I love cosmos. Cosmos are annuals and perennials. Looking for a native flower? Think cosmos! These meadow flowers are common in the southern United States and in Mexico.


These delicate border plants (tiny flowers) spread out throughout the growing season, have a honey sweet fragrance and come in pastel colors. With names like Alyssum Carpet of Snow and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet alyssum make a romantic addition to your cottage garden. Alyssum is an annual. So you will have to plantseeds or buy alyssum plants every year.


Although snapdragons are perennials, I do buy snapdragon plants every year to fill in sections that have not naturally reseeded. My favorite colors are The Rocket Mix shown here. Snapdragons need plenty of sun and water.

Sweet Peas

I love Sweet Peas so much they have garnered their own lens. I love their old-fashioned charm and beauty and the way they climb makes them perfect for adding a sweet softness to your cottage garden.


For a cottage garden I look for old fashioned climbing roses that are highly fragrant. Wind climbing roses around trellises, windows, fences for a romantic old fashioned look. I also love cabbage roses for their overabundant fully formed petals. Make your own Bentwood Trellis for a cottage garden design. Roses Climbing Over Front of House in the Loire Valley, Loches, France Roses Climbing… Diana Mayfield 12 in. x 9 in. Buy This at

Gerber Daisies

Big bright colorful Gerber daises are part of my cottage garden style. Gerber daises are in my cutting garden because they make a great bouquet and always look so cheerful.


The Pincushion Flower

My favorite color of Scabiosa is the Ace of Spades, I’ve only been able to grow these from seed, most garden places don’t carry this color. The dramatic black or dark purple flower is worth tracking down and growing from seed. An added bonus to your cottage garden hummingbirds and butterflies love this beautiful flower!


Zinnias flourish in our Colorado Springs garden. I love the strong hues and they make beautiful long lasting cut flowers.


Dahlias (dinner plate dahlias) can grow more than two feet tall so I place these taller variety of dahlias in the back of a planting bed. Grow dahlias from tuberous roots or buy smaller dahlias from your local garden center. Your cottage garden will benefit from the beauty and old fashioned charm of dahlias. If you love home-grown flowers dahlias are a must for your cutting garden. The varieties, colors and beauty are endless. Easy to grow, dahlias need rich soil and sun.

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